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Free Speech Satire: Conversation with Cartoonist George Alexopoulos



The third conversation in the Random Minds Forbidden Conversations series is with American cartoonist George Alexopoulos (GPrime85).

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George first came to my attention when I tweeted this:

I hadn’t realized it was satire when I tweeted it out, but fans of George’s were quick to point it out.

His response:

And that’s how I’ve come to know George and his work.

To be honest, I wasn’t even entirely sure of what George’s political leanings were exactly until this conversation. What I was seeing in his art is the willingness to tell the truth as he sees it and poke fun at our society, institutions, and sacred cows. Anyone should be able to do to that, regardless of their leanings. In fact, it is the role of artists—and especially comedians—in a truly free society.

In this conversation,George and I discuss whether there’s a limit to how far he can take a joke, censorship and its impact on exercising his free speech, why there’s fewer conservatives in the arts, the trouble with our interactions on the Internet, Twitter, and much more.

Find George on Instagram and Twitter.

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Random Minds by Katherine Brodsky
Random Minds by Katherine Brodsky
Katherine Brodsky