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“On the one hand, one worries that a group would use such a case to spread radical claims and conspiracy theories to fully discredit vaccines in the service of sensationalized narratives. On the other, there is always those perfectly willing to dismiss and gaslight someone’s personal experience as something that’s just made up or exaggerated.”

I think this is a bit of both sides-ism. The reason the latter category of people exists in such high numbers is because there was and is in fact a conspiracy. The level of propaganda and censorship around the vaccines was unlike anything I’ve ever seen in my life, and it was very top-down and coordinated. Sure, some people get carried away with radical speculation about microchips and 5g and depopulation and all that. But there’s no question there was a conspiracy to greatly oversell the safety and efficacy of these vaccines, cover up adverse events, and censor and marginalize those who challenged the Narrative.

Anyway, looking forward to listening to the interview.

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