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Right now we have a variety of ‘skin shaders’ for gaming avatars. That’s been around for awhile.

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Aug 1, 2023·edited Aug 1, 2023

"So, is it ethical or is it creepy?" Not sure what "it" refers to here. AI is just a tool. As any tool it can be used for good things or for evil, for ethical or creepy. A young artist with no money can use it to create a wonderful work of art. A big production company can use it to save a lot of money by denying jobs to many people. In a manner very similar to how an automated factory lines have replaced many manual jobs. This is what has been known as technological progress and has been happening for some 200 years.

"No doubt the technology is impressive, but are we heading in the wrong direction with this?" The direction of scientific and technological advancement cannot be controlled. We can only hope to adapt to it. In the history of our civilization have we ever been able to change the course of technology? We can't even successfully control the most dangerous and expensive of them all: nuclear.

"But is it erasing part of the humanity of the Indian rep, or is it just providing a better service and erasing the differences between us" This topic has been explored very well in science fiction, most notably by Gene Roddenberry (my all-time favorite being "Darmok") and Douglas Adams.

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That voice AI should only be used if the speaker does not speak the language of the person on the phone. I love foreign films and much prefer to hear the native languages and use subtitles. The dubbed films are awkward and more distracting than subtitles.

AI should never be used to change the ethnicity of a character. Authentic diversity is the best both for the actors and the story itself.

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There is definitely an erasure of humanity aspects in this technology. While the internet has made the world smaller and virtually next door AI is different. Manipulating agendas with AI can distort reality. Without the real accents we would never know the source of the call centres and never experience the frustration or impatience of dealing with this , the human aspects . Sanitizing reality . Racial alteration of media characters is more ominous like the leftist’s woke alteration of history such as in CRT. AI can be used to further social engineering agendas.

Although using AI Avatars to replace leftist overpaid actors like Sean Penn and Billy Crystal and many others has some appeal IMO. Use the money the Hollywood‘s elites pool swim in to pay the lower paid technicians and artists . I think the idea of only Hollywood celebrities enjoying wealth is aberrant. I think now the reality that the world through the internet can enjoy videos from Bollywood , South Korea , Denmark, Sweden and other countries is refreshing .

Will AI be skewered to protect only the Hollywood elites?

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I wouldn't hold my breath for the automatic translation part. It's a common parlor trick now for linguists and language teachers to translate some passage into their favorite language, then back to the original. Needless to say, the results aren't pretty, or useful.

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I honestly don't know what to think. AI by definition is not authentic abs can never be. It is copycat to the extreme.

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Human? GMO Human? Test Tube Human? Cyborg? AI Human? Petri Dish Human?

I can see this issue being yet another hot topic among the living of the future. Another fracture in Society, as a new classist moniker takes hold.

Natural Humans vs. Modified Humans. Each insisting they are as real as the next… Superiority hangs on war…

The possibilities with this technology, and those of gene editing companies like CRISPR. Will really push the bounds of science fiction and the imagination. Suffering becoming a thing of the distant past. For all of its benefits. The inherent evil and abuses that lurks in the shadows could destroy humanity as we know it.

Proceed with caution.

“There are fields, Neo, endless fields where human beings are no longer born. We are grown.”

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