Never surprised, but always intrigued. I lived four years each in Vietnam and Germany, traveled extensively in South America, and have been in Ukraine for sixteen years now. Learned the languages to varying extents. People everywhere are very human.

The places I liked most were those most unlike the USA. I was a well-paid single guy in my early 30s in Germany of the '70s. Getting married should have been a piece of cake - but it was too much like the USA! Already shot through with feminism, careerism and an anti-child mentality.

God knows why Santenello would have been affected by fear-based narratives. There are indeed places where the streets are dangerous, but by reading and listening you can almost always avoid danger. People were worried about me living in wartime Vietnam, now wartime Kyiv. Nah. I felt more fear as a polar bear on the streets of Washington D.C.

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God I miss reading your Twitter posts

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