I think first we as a citizen need to think independently because we want to listen only what we like but we need to think broadly. As a citizen would not to claim rightist,leftist, capitalist and socialist we need everything within us but introspect what will need for society in broader perspectives .

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I would like to see a rise in independent news sources that don't rely on Reuters or AP (etc.) to do their groundwork or investigations. Corporate media is compromised. Citizen journalism has potential, but I feel you correctly pointed out its weaknesses. There's never going to be a perfect solution but we must find ways to get away from corporate control of the news.

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Great piece. Come on The Jonathan Kogan Show podcast? https://jsk.transistor.fm

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Good Evening Katherine,

Thank you, for an Excellent article (how unexpected, right?)

I am not going to indulge in making any comments to avoid any misunderstanding between us.

Instead, I have a decent source of "Citizen Journalism" for your reference - an independent Russian online media company Republic.ru.

You might find lots of "common grounds" with them.

Their articles are in Russian, though. And you need a subscription.

I can "share" my subscription details if you are able and interested.

То entice you, here is one of the interesting recent publications:

"Как заставить людей действовать сообща, если недовольство нарастает постепенно и кажется, что подходящий момент для выступления так никогда и не настанет?"


It is an excerpt from Steven Pinker, Canadian cognitive psychologist (https://twitter.com/sapinker) book publication in Russia

Here is a quote from another one (to me, it is in referral to the roots of Fascism, Nazism, Russian Communism and Russian War with Ukraine) with my attempt to translate it for you:

"Кровь, золото и слезы. Европейские страны и их колонии накануне Первой мировой войны" (https://republic.ru/posts/106649?):

"Все привилегии белого человека, условного Илона Маска или Марка Цукерберга, зиждутся на проклятом колониальном прошлом. И никаких иллюзий относительно феномена неравенства в целом и в общем не питаем:

любая чья-то привилегия основана на ущемлении прав и достоинства кого-то другого."

"All the privileges of a white person, a supposed Elon Musk or Mark Zuckerberg, are based on a damned colonial past. And we have no illusions about the phenomenon of inequality in general and in general: anyone's privilege is based on the infringement of the rights and dignity of someone else."

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Mainstream journalists ignore our refuse to talk about BAHAI GLOBAL SUBVERSION even though it is one of the most important topics that is Ignored.

Bahai self identify as the worlds most powerful NGO & they said they are in the process of transforming our world into one with no borders.

Bahai said all people in near future will speak one common language and practice one common religion. They also said they will eradicate poverty, racism and all other forms of discrimination in the near future.

Ambitious goals especially when they also promote CLIMATE CHANGE POLITICAL rhetoric while claiming they have solutions to what they call CLIMATE CHANGE.

Bahai said the United Nations is second attempt to establish GLOBAL GOV & LEAGUE OF NATIONS was first attempt.

I don't ever remember hearing any news organization tell the public the United Nations uses 3 different official definitions for CLIMATE CHANGE.

How many people know how the various divisions of the UN define this statement?

What definition do our lying politicians use when they say it?

I guess most people will never know because journalists (professional information controllers) will never ask those questions or share any of this with public even though it's all on official records that ANYONE CAN FACT CHECK.

MAINSTREAM "JOURNALISTS" work for interests of the writers and devoted followers of the GLOBAL GRAND NARRATIVE written to secure more power for the GLOBAL CULT OF LIARS that operates under many different names and labels that are all supported and protected by the criminals that control Global finance and monetary systems.

Why are "mainstream" journalists allowed to dismiss everything they don't want the public to know about as something some amateur lunatic didn't "FACT CHECK?"

The citizens in America and the rest of the world need to pull their heads that are hopelessly polluted with "mainstream" misinformation and disinformation out of their complacent ass real quick because the mfrs that control obedient morons in mainstream media are NOT f-ing around.

Should we investigate BAHAI virus obsession and vaccine obsession?

What really happened in Uganda in 1950's when ZIKA was discovered? It is NOT crazy to want to ask questions and demands real answers about the World's fastest growing religion that was banned in numerous countries but is supported, promoted and protected by the United States Government especially when they say things like the next big casualty event will be from biological weapons in 2016.

Mainstream will continue to ignore the "religious" group that Jewish people converted to in mass numbers 160 years ago because they are all members of the same EXTREMELY DANGEROUS RADICALIZED GLOBAL CULT OF LIARS that works for KING CHARLES ABS BANKER ALLIES IN SWITZERLAND.

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Agreed. We need both. As biased and broken (and maddening to read) as the MSM is, it's hard to imagine it being entirely replaced by citizen journalism and independent voices. Both seem essential to me. I deeply value the challenges to mainstream narratives that independent voices bring. But absent a mainstream narrative—insofar as such an absence is possible—what is there to challenge?

I've also noticed something refreshing starting to happen recently, which is that some of the mainstream outlets seem to be responding—via slight shifts for balance in their more in-depth reporting—to the independent voices that are challenging them. The two exist in conversation with each other. I can't imagine reading a Reuters piece like this absent the growing number of independent voices respectfully challenging gender ideology, for example: https://www.reuters.com/investigates/special-report/usa-transyouth-outcomes/.

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Mainstream "journalism" isn't just broken, it's been eradicated. There is a corporate message and they don't dare stray from it.

Fact checking isn't a thing for corporate media. Just look at the past 10 years. How many times did the corporate media run stories with little or no fact checks. Even worse, they ran stories knowing they weren't correct to push a certain message.

While statistics may have been required for a degree, that doesn't mean they were any good at it or even really understood it. For most, they passed the class and never applied it.

As far as OJT, it's more about how the system works and less about good journalism.

A lot of citizen journalist have worked in corporate media and left. Some sprang up on their own.

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Very well said, people are people, money still talks, facts can be twisted. Data and Statistics can be read and often are read though the eyes of the reader and not the facts.

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