Diversity, along with its colleagues Equity and Inclusion, have become the requisite banners for appropriate and correct behavior in written socioeconomic pieces, political promises and even (believe it or not) summer festivals. Why we've been subjected to this labelling must be found in our culture's zeitgeist, but lately it's been weaponized - if omitted we may be less progressive or informed? America may not be the scion of "melting pots", but folks here in the Fruitbelt work side-by-side with farm workers, students on visas, political immigrants, and summer stock gig workers. Our ethnic map covers many nationalities, and it work pretty well. The misappropriation of Diversity may be more a commercialization of a once proud American characteristic. If you live it daily, you may not need to say it at all.

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Over the years I’ve noticed a diversity of diversity

As a kid my friends were Irish, Polish, Italian, Asian, Jewish, Greek and more. Mostly European. Catholic, Protestant, Jewish. We thought we were different. Apparently that diversity doesn’t count any more.

On a train from Newark into manhattan once I was the only white person in a sea of South Asians

In Miami I’m surrounded by Cubans along with other Latinos. Latinos don’t think they’re all the same. I’ve got a whole rant on that.

California and Texas are full of Mexicans. Is that the same diversity as Cubans?

California has a lot of Asians. South Florida has few.

Where does that fit in diversity thinking?

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Everyone is being shoehorned into pretending to believe in the current-thing. Even if one believes that this is based on good intentions, and isn’t just a political rallying cry, it will likely produce a backlash and do more harm than good.

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Aug 17, 2022Liked by Katherine Brodsky

Just brilliantly written. Thank you for articulating my own thoughts on the subject. Great job.

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