Firstly, date of publication noted.. VERY interesting stuff in here.

I formed this question whilst going through a child custody battle that I didn’t sign up for so to speak. I could’ve become angry (at times I did), I could’ve done all sorts but it came back always to what is actually going to being useful here and that took a few years to embed as second nature - analogous to having your head held underwater and the instinct, the only instinct will be to get up to breathe.

You’re right about the two groups I feel and I had this conversation with one of the “spaces hosts” on Twitter in that broadly there are two groups who have large follower counts; it was the same conclusion although I have a belief founded upon a few select studies I found about narcissism and social media usage that points towards (does not directly conclude) the larger a follower count, the more unresolved childhood trauma someone has. This is both only typically applicable beyond 100k on Twitter and doesn’t apply to all but these data were high statistically significant (>95%). Self soothing perhaps, or disassociation as Dr Gabor Maté will illustrate, and has...

Apologies for any typos - phone scribble!

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stay up grwo up not out

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Simple and powerful question/strategy like counting to ten when angry. Anyone trying to persuade someone else should keep this question in his/her mind. I know I will. Thanks for sharing.

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