It's only fair to warn you: Here lives a certain femme fatale trapped in the mind of a writer with an overactive imagination. Said writer by the name of Katherine Brodsky happens to be a curious, open-minded humanist. This will be a place for her random musings. Kind of like a blog, but the cool kids call it Substack these days.

Katherine has been a correspondent for Variety for over a decade and has also contributed to publications such as: The Washington PostWIRED, The GuardianEsquireNewsweekPlayboy Magazine (yes, the one you read for the articles!), MashableEntertainment WeeklyUSA WeekendNew York Magazine's VultureElle CanadaCNN TravelThe Independent (UK)A.V. ClubFlareTime OutDelta Sky MagazineComplexNylonCanadian TravellerUSA Today, and many others.  As a journalist, she has mostly covered film/TV, culture, business, travel, tech, and, well, espionage. For her stories, Katherine has had a chance to interview a diverse range of 'intriguing' personalities, including Oscar, Emmy, Grammy, Tony, Pulitzer, and Nobel Prize winners and nominees. And even the Dalai Lama. Plus, most recently, Elon Musk. You can learn more here.

You can expect to see random little essays on topics ranging from censorship, how to have better conversations and word misappropriation to whimsical thoughts about losing imaginary friends and insomnia. Anything goes. Here, there’s no left, right, or middle. Just thoughts. And everyone’s welcome to be part of the conversation—in fact, it’s encouraged.

So is feedback or suggestions for future topics to tackle: mysteriouskat@protonmail.com

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From one curious mind to another: Random musings from a writer w/ glossy bylines about the world and our role in it. An outsider, looking in. Covering: culture, social politics, critical thinking, media, freedom of speech & diverse thought + technology.


Femme fatale trapped in random & mischievous mind of a writer. Motivated by curiosity, not ideology. Bylines: Variety, WIRED, The Washington Post, Newsweek, Guardian, Playboy, Esquire, Vulture, etc. Humanist. ❤️ Dogs. @mysteriouskat on X